Q: How do the word coins work?

A: Word Coins can be used for any spelling word you enter and that is available in our database of over 6,000 words and sentences. We use word coins to provide you with flexibility, because your 2nd grade child’s spelling list may be different from another 2nd grader’s list. You’re not tied to preset lists, that may or may not match what your child is studying.

Q: Can I create accounts for all my children?

A: Spelling Pro can store accounts for as many children as you like.

Q: What happens if I enter the wrong word and need to delete it? Do I lose that word coin?

A: No, as long as your child has not practiced that word, your word coin will be returned.

Q: I don’t see some of the words my child needs to study - what do I do?

A: Just type the word into the word search. If the word doesn't show up as an option to select, you’ll be able to ask that the word be added to the database. We are constantly working to update our database and add new words based on the requests we receive.

Q: Are the autofill word lists based on the same spelling words that children in school will receive?

A: Yes. The words in our database were compiled from state spelling and core curriculum lists, as well as focusing on the 3000 most frequently used spelling words.

Q: Do the autofill words get progressively harder as my child continues to use the app?

A: Yes. Each spelling word is rated by number of letters, difficulty and where it is commonly found on state school lists. If your child is in first grade, once he or she has mastered all of the first grade words, they will automatically start receiving second grade words.

Q: Does my child eventually move up in grade levels as spelling words are mastered?

A: As your child masters spelling words, he or she will continue to automatically move onto more difficult words. Their grade level will not change until you change it manually. However, this does not affect their ability to move through 1st grade to 8th grade. Initial grade placement is used as a starting point for the program.